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I was born in an agricultural family at Teekoy, a village in Kottayam district Kerala. After studying at St. Mary’s High School and Pre-Degree at St. George’s College, Aravithura joined for B.Sc in Agricultural Science in Kerala Agricultural University. My post graduation and PhD in ‘Agronomy’ was from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Fellow program in Human Resource Development with research guide from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, was the second doctoral degree.  I also obtained a postgraduate diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development and participated in various educational programs.

Wrote the All India Civil Services Examination in 1984-85 and got selected into the IPS in the 1985 batch.

I had been the chief executive officer of many organizations in diverse sectors such as horticulture, transport, food retail, cinema, human rights, social inclusion, science and technology, law, education, environment, Fire and Rescue Service, Housing, Anti-corruption, shipping and sports.

As a teacher, taught courses in Environment Management, Strategic Management, Leadership, to the MBA students. Have experience in working with development projects of the European Union, UNICEF, US Embassy, UNDP, KAF, DFID, Ford foundation and was the founder chairman of DARSHN, a not-for-profit organization focusing on social inclusion and capacity building.

I was the co-founder and Managing Trustee of Top Centre, an NGO for human rights; and also the founder ‘VigilantKerala’ and also the co-founder of ExcelKerala a good-governance platform collective Action. 

My current interests are in Research, Capacity building and Collective action.






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Sraavukalkoppam Neendumpol

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Strategic Management

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Environmental Management

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Anti Corruption Activities

Founder Member and activist in ExcelKerala, an NGO to erradicate corruption from Kerala... Opens internal link in current windowRead More


It is a platform for collective action to assure Good Governance.This group includes all like minded people who wants to contribute in their own way to better the state of affairs for better quality of Life. Those who are energetic to participate actively can become members.


Expressing ideas through colour and design is an activity undertaken. Nature and all componenets of nature forms the subject.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is practiced, not as an exercise or for its health benefits, but as a part of living. However among the eight limbs of AshtangaYoga, it is still a journey as a student, along each of the limbs Yama, Niyama, Pranayama, Asanas, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.


Since yesterday’s truth need not be todays truth,and research only can bring about better solutions for the felt and unfelt needs, performing normal activities in research mode is followed wherever practical with hypotheses, data, analysis and inference making. Since most issues and problems are context specific, research is a necessary pre-requisite for evidence based solutions


With available time, a few youngsters are mentored to achieve greater levels of living or life satisfaction, both within the workplace and outside.


Guidance is provided to schools for better student achievements through identifying strategic objectives and outcomes. Educational sessions are taken in institutions on the subjects of strategy, management, Leadership, Human Resource Development, Good Governance.

Keynote Speaker

At the rate of two functions per month, keynote speeches are made on different topics that have potential to add value to the people.


  • Till 21-12-2017

    Institute of Management in Government

    Director General


  • June 2016 to May 2017

    Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau, Kerala


  • Oct 2015 to June 2016

    Kerala Police Housing Construction Corporation Ltd

    Chairman and Managing Director

  • June 2015 onwards

    Fire and Rescue Services, Civil Defense and Home Guards

    Director General


Awards & Recognition

  • Presidents Medal for Meritorious Service 2016

  • Manorama Newsmaker Award, 2015

  • Sword of Honor for the Best Outdoor Indian Police Service Probationer.

  • R.D Singh cup for swimming in the National Police Academy

  • Best Probationer in Drill at National Police Academy.

  • Athletic Captain of National Police Academy

  • Member of “Juvenile Justice Rules making Committee” 

  • Keynote Speaker / Chief Guest in 100's of public functions.

  • Sarasamma Award[ 2017].

  • Peace Award winner of Kochi in 1998


Leadership Experience

  • Director General, Institute of Management in Government.

    Conceiving and organising Research on Management issues in various departments of the Governance Structure of the State, in order to develop three capacities: Organisational Capacity, Policy Capacity, and State Capacity.
    Based on the inputs from the Research, plan and organise Training programs at various levels of Governance . Conduct Impact and Evaluation studies of Development projects. Management and Strategy Consultancy to Government Organisations.


  • Director of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau

    Conceived a policy of `Zero Tolerance to Corruption’ which is adopted by the State for implementation. This policy is implemented through several programs with capacity building and through partnership with stakeholders.
  • Chairman and Managing Director, Kerala Police Housing Construction Corporation

    Planned and implemented several construction projects.
  • Director General of Fire & Rescue Services

    Developed a mission for the organization as `Saving Lives’ and developed a strategy to realize the mission.

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